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Pipes & fittings for potable water supply on products - IS 4985: 2000, IS 14182:1994 & IS 10124 (part 2): 2009

BIS Certification Market uPVC suitable for potable water supplies IS4985: 2000 with a range of 40mm to 315mm having work pressure (2.5kg/cm2) Class-2, (6kg/cm) Class-3, manufactured in the factory. The pipes are grey in colour and is either of plain-ended and bell-ended. These pipes are used by way of laying in the earth for distributing of water.

Matching with the grey pipes ISI Mark feetings ( socket, bends 90 digry to 22.5, Equal Tee, Straight Reducing Sockets and end CAPS IS 10124: 2009, fabricated from grey pipes.

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SWR Pipes (IS 13592: 2013)

SIMPLEXPipe Brand ISI Mark SWR Pipes as per IS 13592/1992 are manufactured in the factory with modern technology under STRINGENT Quality control.

Characteristic of SIMPLEX Brand SWR Pies.

  • Strong to weight ratio-not easily broken

  • Easy to handle and join-for it lightweight

  • Better flow characteristic for having a smooth surface

  • Leakproof for careful manufacturing and precision dimension

  • UV and other chemical resistant

  • Safe fire resistant

  • Economical & Maintenance free cost-effective and long-lasting comparing with other conventional pipes.

  • And have the ISI Marking license

Application and Product Range :

Available 75mm and 110mm A-Type with O-ring at stock end. Pipes with stocks at both ends are also available as per customers requirements.