Screen & Casing Pipes (IS12818:2010)

PVC-U screen and Casing Pipe as per IS12818:2010 for bore/deep tube-well is manufactured in the company. Production range of PVC/U Casing Medium (CM) Pipes 40mm (1.5 inches) to 300mm (12 Inches) ND, Cashing Shallow (CS) Pipes 150mm (6 Inches) up to 300mm (12 Inches), Cashing Deep (CD) Pipes 100mm (4 Inches) up to 300 mm (12 Inches) and Screen Ribbed (RMS) and (RDS) 40mm (1.5 Inches ) up to 200 mm (8 Inches) ND.

General Characteristic of UPVC Pipes

  1. Chemical Resistance: uPVC pipes are chemically Resistance to most of the acids, alkalis, halogens. Therefore, are these areas these pipes can be used without any risk.

  2. Resistance to corrosion: uPVC is highly resistant to corrosion and can be safety in presence of acids, chemicals and soil dampness.

  3. Nontoxic: uPVC Pipes are nontoxic causing no toxicity to water flowing through it thus the pipes help to full fill basic needs of imparting clean and hygienic water.

  4. Lightness: uPVC Pipes enhance its economy in transportation and installation charge, as it is about five times lighter in weight as compared to other conventional pipes.

  5. Buried installation: uPVC can be used in cement concrete or plaster also.

  6. Economic in Price: uPVC Pipes are the most economical substitute of Steel, S.I, G.I Pipes. They can be joined with other Pipes. There fore distribution and connection is convenient.

  7. Non-flammable: uPVC Pipes is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion, Besides, uPVC Pipes allows maximum possible flow rate and maximum frictional losses due to a smooth surface and thus it prevents Biological growth of algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Plumbing & Tubewell Pipes (ASTM D1785)

PVC-U Pipes 0.5 Inches to 1.5 Inches Sch.40&Sch.80 for Plumbing (Domestic Water Supply Line) and 1.5 Inches to 8 Inches Schedule 40 & 1.5 Inches to 12 Inches Schedule 80 conform ASTM D1785 for Mini Deep Tubewell and Tubewell, manufacturer in the factory.

Submersible Hanging Pipes

uPVC column Pipe, popularly known as Submersible hanging Pipes, a true substitute of G.I Pipes. There are two varieties, one is one-sided bell-moth and the other is with heavy-duty much socket. Both the pipes are provided with a specially designed square thread for easy fitment and re-fitment thus obtain a very long life and a very high tensile load capacity. Both the pipes are supplied 10 Inches ft. of the length of each pipe with a synthetic rubber gasket for 100% leak proof joints and vibration of Pipes and it extends the service life of the motor.