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Virgin material PVC resin are comprehensively used to product Pipes which consists substantially Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and additives needed to facilitate the manufacturer of the Pipe and production of sound and durable pipe of good surface finish, mechanical strength and opacity under conditions of use. None of these additives shall be used separately or together in quantities sufficient to constitute a toxic organoleptic or microbial growth hazard to impair its chemical and physical or mechanical properties ( in particular longterm mechanical strength and impact strength). The company carefully used the quantity of PVC resin material and other additives, so that there would be no hazarders effect of human. A continuous process is followed by the Quality Control Dept, of the company by sending a sample of PVC Resin to CIPET Haldia, periodical checking to confirm the limit of VCM content and also to know the K-value. Test Reports of PVC Resin are also collected from the manufacturer Reliance Industries Ltd as well as the other components from the respective manufacturers. The management keeps regular vigil about the test Effect on water (the pipes manufactured by the company) undertaken by CI PET Haldia. It is essential to confirm the Pipes shall not have any detrimental effect on the composition of water following through them.

When tested by the method of Indian standards, the quantities of lead, dialkyl tin C4& higher homologues (measured and tin) and any other toxic substances extracted from the internal walls of the Pipes shall not exceed the following concentrations (based on' Guidelines for Drinking Water Recommendations'- WHO Geneva, 1984) in the test solutions: -

Thus, the PVC Pipe intended for users in the transport of potable water, evaluated and certified as safe by the Testing agency CIPET.

Hydrostatic pressure Test is a vital testing in terms of acceptance of Batch. Sp.gravity, Sulphated Ash content, Vicat softening test. Reversion and other test are accomplished in the factory lab and thereafter obtaining positive result Q.Certifies for dispatch.

The effect of Sunlight Exposure on PVC Pipe.

The emits visible and non-visible radiation. Non-visible is ultra-violet (UV) light. PVC Pipe is affected by exposure to UV radiation. The result of sunlight on PVC Pipe is brownish discoloration for sunburned. The discolouration process can be slowed with the addition of Titanium Di-oxide as UV absorbers in the PVC compound. Adversely affected by sunlight espouser to the pipe is impact resistance, but does not affect the pressure capacity of the pipe or the pipe stiffness (external load capacity). PVC Pipe and fittings could be protected by wrapping with an opaque material or commonly by painting water-based latex paint.